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1.Why Raffle Source?      

- Major companies often choose to give away their merchandise clients for better visibility.  It allows them to encourage potential clients to show interest in a product and vote for their favorite.  Our mission is to offer you an easy way to increase your earnings and customer base. 

2.How much does it cost? 

- It’s absolutely free to create a raffle and for anyone to vote.  There are no fees to join us and no monthly charges.  A raffle prize is chosen by you and you can set up the parameters for the audience you want. 

3.How often can I create a raffle?

- You have the possibility to create as many raffles as you like.  There is no minimum or maximum amount.  We also let you decide if you want your raffle to last 15 or 30 days. You may pick a date anywhere in the next 15 days to launch your raffle. As an example if you create your raffle on January 10th, you can launch it anytime before the 25th of January. Beyond that point a new raffle will need to be created. 

4.Who can vote or participate in my raffles?

- We allow all users to vote for submissions. Only the ones you approve to participate are eligible to

win. If a submission goes unapproved for more than 24 hours one of our moderators is going to have a look and approve or deny it. Users are encouraged to share their submission with their friends thru various social networks in order to get them more votes. 

5.Can I stop a raffle once its launched?

- No, not once it has launched. Once a raffle is started it must reach to its end unless there is no participants. Once there are entries then the user with most votes will be awarded their prize. 

6.How many times can one user vote for a raffle?

- Only one vote is allowed per raffle.  All votes are final.  

7.How will I know who won?

- RaffleSource will allow you to track and monitor your raffles and see the submission with the highest number of votes to declare the winner.

8.What happens if the prize is not claimed?

- If you are unable to reach the winner for confirmation within 14 days of the end of the raffle the prize will be given away to the runner-up.     

9.What is the legal age to enter into a raffle?

- Participants must be of the legal adult age to vote or participate in a raffle. 

10.What is my obligation as a raffle creator?

- Simply to send out the prize to the winner at no charge. Create an account to learn more.