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Raffle Source provides you with a free and easy to use platform that allows you to raffle away gifts or participate in various raffles. Any item you could sell online can be raffled away.  In two simple steps you can launch a raffle aimed at your target audience. You pick the category and the basic guidelines to enter your giveaway and whoever gets the most votes for their entry wins. Naturally, the bigger the prize the more participants you will attract. We encourage you to set the rules and requirements for your raffle according to your wishes and remind you to be creative in order to have the most participants.

In order to make your raffle more successful we invite you to share it using all the social networks that you may have at your disposition.   The more people you reach combined with our own marketing initiatives will allow you to really expand your online presence and followers.  You may also share the link for your raffle by email newsletters to reach more participants if you like, the more the better.

To win the raffle's prize you have to follow the guidelines set by the raffle creator and have an original submission to get the most votes.  That’s all there is to it.   Whoever gathers the most votes by the end of the raffle wins the prize. Keep in mind that you will highly increase your chances of winning by sharing your submission with everyone you know (Voting at RaffleSource is absolutely for free and no registration required). Every vote counts so feel free to use any way you want to spread the word.
Participate in the many free raffles offered, you can either enter for the raffle, vote or create your own.